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About Rann Utsav

About Rann of Kutch:
The Great Rann of Kutch, is a seasonal salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India and the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is about 7,505.22 square kilometres (2,897.78 sq mi) in size and is reputed to be the largest salt desert in the world.[1] This area has been inhabited by the Kutchi people. The name "Rann" comes from the Hindi word ran (रण) meaning "desert". The Hindi word is derived from Sanskrit/Vedic word iriṇa (इरिण) attested in the Rigveda and Mahābhārata.

How to Reach Great White Rann of Kutch:
The vast and arid expanse that is the Great Rann of Kutch lies to the north of the Tropic of Cancer, at the top of the Kutch district. It's best approached via Bhuj. Dhordo, approximately 86 kilometers from Bhuj, is being developed by the Gujarat government as the Gateway to the Rann. Dhordo is on the edge of the salt desert. It's most convenient to stay there, or nearby Hodka. Do not forget to take your entry permit at Check post 25KM before white rann.

Stay at Rann

Stay Options at White Rann:

 The most popular choice is the          Gateway to Rann Resort at Dhordo. It's made up of characterful Kutchi Bhungas (mud huts), traditionally crafted and decorated with handicrafts. Expect to pay around 
4,000 rupees for an air conditioned double, per night with meals included.
The Gujarat government has also set up tourist accommodations, the Toran Rann Resort, opposite the army checkpoint near the entrance to the salt desert. This resort is closest to the salt desert, although the location is not particularly scenic. Expect to pay around 8,000 to 11,000 rupees for an air conditioned double bed, per person per night with meals included.
  •  Another recommended option is the Shaam-e-Sarhad (Sunset at the Border) Village Resort in Hodka. The resort is owned and managed by the local residents. You can choose to stay in tents (4,200 rupees per night for a double) or traditional Bhungas (5,800 rupees per night for a double), and both have attached bathrooms and running water. Visits to local artist villages are a highlight.

When to Go there

When to Go There:
The Rann of Kutch begins to dry up in October every year, steadily transforming into the desolate and surreal salt desert. The tourist season runs until March, and the above mentioned accommodations close at the end of March. You can still visit the salt desert in April and May though, on a day trip from Bhuj. However, it's very hot during the day. Plus, there's an absence of basic facilities for tourists (food, water and toilets). It's best to head out into the desert only in the early morning or evening, otherwise the salt can be blinding. The full moon is the best time of month to see it, and cultural programs are usually held at Dhordo then. A moonlight Rann camel safari is magical. Gujarat Tourism has started holding a Rann Ustav festival, which begins in mid December. Hundreds of luxury tents are set up near the Gateway to Rann Resort at Dhordo for visitors, along with rows of food and handicraft stalls. The package price includes sightseeing trips to surrounding attractions. In recent years, the festival has extended for three months, resulting in the area unfortunately becoming quite dirty and filled with garbage.

How to Get There

How to Get There:
The resorts mentioned above will arrange transport for you from Bhuj. There are a couple of ways of getting to Bhuj.
  • If taking a train, it's most convenient from Mumbai (15 hours).
  • Flights to Bhuj are also available from Mumbai. 
  • Buses to Bhuj are available from many places in and around Gujarat, and the road is in good condition.

Other nearby places to see

Other Nearby Places to See:

If you want to see the Rann of Kutch from a different perspective, 

(1) Kala Dungar (Black Hill) offers a panoramic view from 458 meters above sea level.Kala Dungar is accessible via the village of Khavda, which is 25 kilometers away, and around 70 kilometers from Bhuj.

(2) Pakistani border You can see all the way across to the Pakistani border. This village is home to artisans who specialize in block printing, including ajrakh block printing from Pakistan. It's best to take your own transport as public transport is infrequent. 

(3) The old Lakhpat Fort (140 kilometers from Bhuj) also provides a fabulous view of the Rann of Kutch. 
(4) Narayan Sarovar
Narayan Sarovar is a beautiful area with multiple fresh lakes close to Gulf of Kutch, which is also considered as holy by Hindu travelers. Tourists enjoy bird watching and wildlife around Naryan Sarovar with the main tourist attraction being Chinkara.its around 150 kilometers from Bhuj.

(5) Koteshwar Temple

Koteshwar temple, located about 215 km from Bhuj (main city of Kutch) past the vast expanse of desert is holy place for Hindu tourists. Koteshwar temple is situated on a high plinth over looking the sea and is the last outpost of human construction at the westernmost limit of India.

(6) Dholavira

Dholavira, 250 km from Bhuj, is an excavated Harappan site that was discovered in 1967. The site is spread over 100 Hectares with main tourists attractions being the ancient open stadium, ancient signboard, and world's earliest water conservation system.

(7)  Anjar

Anjar, known as city of temples, has several tourist attractions like the Shrine of Jesal and Toral, Hindu temples like Swaminaryan temple, Bhareswar Mahadev Temple (1200 years old) and the famous block-printing work.

(8) Mandvi
Mandvi, located at a distance of 75 km from Bhuj on the banks of Rukmavati River, is famous among travellers as Paris of Kutch. Mandvi's main tourist attractions are Vijay Vilas Palace, its beautiful beaches and Ship building yard.

About Kutch Rann Utsav

Kutch Rann Utsav:

It’s a Carnival of Music, Dance, Enhance the nature beauty of White Rann / Dessert when the flash light of Full Moon spread it on the white land starts every year of December onwards at Kutch, Gujarat & marks this celebration till Holi. Lots of Tourist visit from different parts of the world just to feel the view of shimmering landscape that gives the enchanting moments of this Fest, which feels like as Heaven On Earth during Rann Utsav Festive Time specially on Full Moon night when moon light flash it on the White Dessert / Rann and it creates White Milky Color.
Every year it organizes with the support of Gujarat Tourism with many activities like the Traditional Cultural Dance, Cultural Act shows, Camel Safari, Musical Moments, Live in Tents & many more activities.
This Grand Tent city which is approx 350 Luxury Tents are well structured to the outskirts of City, Village which is named as "Dhordo" i.e 85 km from Bhuj City.
This district is famous for its various Cultural Traditional Shopping Activities like – Authentic Handicraft Items, Bandini Sarees, Traditional Ornaments & many more items which we have seen & our sounds WO !
For those visitor who are interested to like visit Historical Sites, Wild Life Sanctuary –
Little Rann Of Kutch which is famous for Wild Ass, Great White Rann of Kutch, Museums, Palaces, Forts etc. Kutch is the only place in Gujarat where you can enjoy all moments at one place.

Vision & Inspiration :–

This Festival has been organized since 2006 by Vision of Shri Narendra Modi as Honourable Prime Minister of India, he Visualize this Fest to create a new identity mark on global tourism map which celebrates now every year of First Full Moon Light December onwards at Kutch, Gujarat .
To, Feel the experience of Kutch, White Rann / Dessert with full moon light, Cultural dance. Music performance in every year of December onwards at Kutch, Gujarat.
Every year it organizes with the support of Gujarat Tourism with many activities like the Traditional Cultural dance, Camel Safari, Musical Moments, Live in Tents & many more Shopping activities – Handicraft Items, Sarees, Traditional Ornaments
During the Festival Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd .supports by providing the arrangements of Transportation, Accommodation, Food & Guide for Sightseeing visit.
Many of High profile dignitaries – Gujarat Chief Minister has come to attend the Rann Utsav Festival with visitors & enjoy the live of moments of Festival.
Cool Breeze & Flashlight of Full moon welcomes the tourist to live the lifetime memorable experience of Rann Utsav Fest.

 "Aapne Kutch ni dekha toh kuch ni dekha , Kuch din toh guzaaron Gujarat mein"

Recreational Activities Offers As Per Schedule Timing & Availability.
  • Camel Cart Ride
  • Shopping Activity Area – Bandhini Sarees , Handraft Items & many more traditional items .
  • Kids Zone Area
  • Food Court
  • Gaming Zone
  • Spa Centre on chargeable basis
  • Yoga & Meditation Centre
  • Adventurous Activity on Chargeable basis – Parasailing , Dirt Biking ,
  • Cultural Dance Performance
  • Live Music Concerts
  • Special Cultural Dance Shows – Garba , Dandiya Raas
  • Conference hall for Business purpose
  • Rides on chargeable basis
  • Optional Tours Visit on Chargeable – Indo Pak Border Visit , Mandavi Beach
  • Sightseeing Visit – Kaladungar / Black Hill , White Rann / Dessert , Hodka Village
Special Festive Activities Performed On Special Days
31st Dec Night :- New Year Celebration
14th Jan :- Special arrangement for Kite Flying Festival
26th Jan :- Special arrangement on Republic Day
14th Feb :- Valentines Day’s Special Gala Dinner on White Rann .
March :- Holi Festival Celebrate